June 1, 2011

birthday post.

i always know summer is approaching because sky's birthday parties always start it off just right. we've known this girl since 7th grade and have been so tight ever since. {we were voted "best friends forever" for famous faces in 9th grade. holla!} we became so close because of student council, but mostly in10th grade. no doubt the roughest year, but we got through it together. words can't even describe how many inside jokes and good memories we've had. no matter what happens, i will always consider sky one of my best friends.

{no need to judge the photos taken back when picnik was the coolest thing on earth}

thanks for some of the best memories sky!
hope your birthday was superb.
love you to pieces.

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  1. ahhh! i love you fools so much. this will be a summer to remember. thanks for always staying by my side through EVERYTHING!you're the greatest.


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