June 18, 2011

we're hooome!

& it's oh so nice. we had the absolute best time at efy. definitely one of the best weeks ever! we can't even count how many times we had to say "taylor is the one with short hair, taryn has the bangs!" & the "OH MY GOSH, are you guys TWINS!??!" comments still never get old & still are said by every person who saw us the whole week. can't wait to share all of our experiences! the church is true & the book is blue :)

- taryn & taylor


  1. i love that picture! so cute. glad efy was so much fun! can't wait to hear more about it and see some pictures.

  2. Aw I'm jealous, I miss EFY. I didn't sign up this year and I'm so sad because it's the last year I can go! *Tear*, oh well I'm glad you two had fun. Meet any cute boys? And wait you guys went to the Provo one right?


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