June 30, 2011

pool time lovin.

us red heads are not known for our beautiful olive skin, it's quite the opposite actually. so when it comes time to take a dip we must lather up the spf 1000. {if only there was sunscreen that high, then there would be no need to re-apply every half hour. oh the sacrifices we make..} but we do love to swim. especially with our favorite kiddies. just take a look at them & you'll understand why we love them so much.
tate {5}, caden {4.5}, crew {2.5}, brigham {2}, haws {1}, rowan {3 mo.}
i must say, they are the cutest kids i've ever seen.
 we love being aunties to these 6 chickies.

-taryn & taylor

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  1. Heeey :) your blog is sooo cute ;))) love it!!!
    follow you because your pictures are so pretty ♥


    greets from germany !


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