June 29, 2011

a midnight rambling.

i have a dream catcher fettish.
i must have one in my car, & possibly one in my room.
thankfully, bad dreams don't come around for me very often.
 but i like the feeling of safety the dream catcher brings, is that weird?
everytime i see dream catchers at stores i immediately go & take a gander.
does my heart skip a beat? maybe.


i have never been in any kind of relationship.
i know i'm only 17, but i'll be 18 in a few months.
if you know me well, i'm sure you know what i'm talking about.
but at the same time, it's kind of nice. i've never felt obligated to buy silly gifts 
& certainly never had my heart broken. 
but if & when i do, i would picture it like this.


i love my mom.
plain & simple.
i missed my mom so much while i was gone in lake powell.
when i came home from the trip i just laid down and fell asleep next to her.
sometimes i take her for granted & i dont realize how lucky i am to have my mom.
she does everything for me & my family.
i love you forever, momma.


so there's a little late night rambling for ya.
taryn's gone at leadership training for student council until thursday,
so hopefully i can keep up the new posts as well as she does.
i sure do miss her already, it's weird being without her!

i have been reading hunger games today.
i hope i dream of katniss & peeta tonight.



  1. the hunger games are AMAAAAAAAAAZING!!! i love them. i used to have a dream catcher necklace in elementary school. when i wore it and braids people thought i was indian.

  2. I made a dream catcher as a young girl scout and hung it in my room. Until recently I didn't dream at all (or probably more accurately, didn't remember them when I woke). Recently I've started to remember little tid-bits when I wake up. It's a strange thing.


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