June 7, 2011

my imaginary money grows on trees.

remember this?
summer, please.

& this?
soft & nude

i've been craving summer since.. well.. forever.

sweet summer


my mom went to new york with her sisters last week. while she was there they visited H&M. yes, she did bring us some awesome (& when i say awesome, i mean awesome!) items. {some very close to the items above. funny how mom knows just what i want!} so, thanks mom! you're the best :)

-taryn e.

p.s. a new blog design is in the near future. we're in deep need of a fresh look for the new summer season.


  1. Aw cute cute cute!! I've never been to H&M but I've heard it's pretty amazing, I need to go there! Can't wait for the new blog look! :D

  2. I don't think I can really handle how wonderful these things are.


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