June 6, 2011

& the award goes to....

the two idiots.

bently. because he's a jerk.
{why do the uthans on reality t.v. have to make us look like fools?}

justin bieber. because he pierced his ears.
& looks like a complete wanna-be.
{there will never be a hater post again, biebs. don't fret}

why oh why did he have to do that?
we're still your number 1 fans,
just maybe the pierced ears were a little much? just sayin.



  1. what a sick joke, him piercing his ears.
    though i'm a bieber fan through and through (and even have a shrine to him in my room) i'm saddened by this.
    what a sick, sick joke.

  2. you just read my mind. about BOTH of the above.

  3. aah i know!! i'm so mad about this!

  4. He even has a tattoo! How sick is that?!?!


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