June 12, 2011

carnivals are sketchy. especially the ones called summerfest.

we wanted henna's - line too long.
we wanted feather extensions - feathers too ugly.
we wanted food - food too expensive.
so we walked to mcdonalds & waited with the other 293842 people there to get food.

you know how every summer you say..
"i'm going to get a boyfriend by the time summerfest comes around so we can go on all the rides & look cute  & make every girl there wish they had a relationship like mine. then we'll sit on a picnic blanket & watch the fireworks. maybe lock lips for a second or two.."

yeah, that didn't happen to us either.
instead, we watched from the mcdonalds window with our best friends.


get it, dawg.

we also pretty much fought over rowan all weekend long. she's seriously thee most precious thing we've ever seen. & we discovered she caught a little bug or virus while she was visiting....

what was it called? oh yeah..

bieber fever.

seriously. she would not go to sleep, so paige got her up to watch never say never with us. {yes, my sisters are that cool} she was smiling at him thee whole time. love her even more for that :) what good taste she has.

eat, drink, & be merry, for tomorrow.. we go to efy! 
JK. ^ totally hypocritical & oxymoron.
one word: party.

- taryn & taylor


  1. oh my heck haha love henna's AND feathers. too bad everyone was there.
    and yes, I know what you mean about the boy + summerfest thing, I'm right there with ya.
    aaaaand have SOOO much fun at EFY, you have NO idea how jealous I am (: lets play when Im back from camp and youre back from efy!

  2. ohh yeah. that was such a fun night. i hate you both for leaving me to go to efy but have a blast! me and kerb love you very much!!

  3. that opening paragraph may have just been the best thing ever. everything about it was so true and so funny. oh the biebs. i once hated him. then i saw never say never. instant fever. ahhh efy! soooo jealous. so so excited for you girls! best summer activity ever. cannot wait to hear all about it.

  4. you know it's good when babies start lovin the biebs. the first half of this post is so funny and a complete mirror of my life.


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