March 17, 2011

summer, please. & 17 AGAIN!

i'm craving summer. i think i have senioritis? {1} i want school to be over. no, scratch that. i need school to be over. i just wanna get oouuuttt! {2} i'm excited for (most of) the seniors to be gone, yep. i said it! bye, bye, bye class of 2011 - your time is up!
summer, please.

|| happy st. patricks day! ||

Day 17 - your favorite movie

i love movies & basically every one i see is a new fav.
i just can't narrow it down!

she's the man.
justin bieber: never say never - holla!
twilight saga!!
what happens in vegas.
17 again.
cinderella story.
deja vu.
{all disney princess movies}


  1. tar, all those items for summa are so dang cute! where do we find them?

    ps. shes the man #1...seriously????

  2. Hey!
    I'm so stoked that you commented on me bloggy-blog.
    This selection of summer goodness is having me oohing and aahhing! The day where I can wear shorts outside can't come soon enough.


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