March 7, 2011

day seven!

Day 07 - a memory

as i sit here watching les miserables on the tele, i'm just in awe of nick jonas- once again. :) {he plays marius} what a joy he brings to the nelson twinners. it brings up a great memory for us! fourth of july. 2009. 

jonas brothers at the stadium of fire.
oh, heck. yes.

it was our very first concert & our dad suprised us with tickets :) HOLLA. we had soo much fun! our seats weren't the best & we were surrounded by screaming 12 year olds, but nonetheless it was still a blast! we were real dedicated fans back then.



  1. wasnt that concert da bomb? loved it!

    just caught up on all your previous march madness posts...they are so cute and witty tar. you are so talented!

    nuttin but

  2. Les Miserables is my favorite thing in the history of ever. Nick Jonas is pure eye candy.


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