March 22, 2011

03.22.11. blast off!

Day 22 - your favorite fat kid food.

although i'm a fan of every fat kid food, this one is at the top of my list.

magleby's chocolate cake.

i feel like the fat kid on matilda eating the chocolate cake whenever i get my fingers on this sucker. pure delight if you ask me.

i may or may not have a girl crush on the one & only ke$ha. i've always liked her but i've just recently been introduced to the softer side of her. yeah, i can't change the station. i'm obsessed!! & now i'm off to my student council interview.. kinda freaking out. i had to give 2 speeches today already, so once this is over i can relax :)



  1. oh ya, gimme some o that! looks beyond delish. hope the interview thing went okay for you lades!

    thanks again for the sweetest comments on the blog block! ♥

  2. magleby's chocolate cake is my heaven.

    mmmm. :)


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