March 31, 2011

i'm still kickin!

you guys, i'm a failure. blue team got the best of me this week & posting just became last on the to do list. remember how i can't go 1 day with out taking a nap? yeah, i went this whole entire week with out one... rough!

Day 29 - what you want to be when you grow up.

a mom. :)

i'm so excited for it, too! i can't wait for all the fun experiences. i know it'll be hard, but really, all i want to do when i'm older is sit at home and spend time with my kids. after i graduate from college i want to work in a rehab center. i've always been interested in psychology & my coach watts just really made it sound more fun! all the weird classes she took, all the stories, everything! right now she works in a rehab center & came to practice everyday with stories to tell. it's weird, but i find it interesting.

t.a.'ing for the daycare this semester has been SO much fun. i read an article in the newspaper about a group therapy center for kids who have divorced or seperated parents and that really inspired me. i want to open or work in a children's help home - a safe place for them to go to get out all of their feelings about life. i'd rather work with children because what happens to them during their younger years isn't usually their fault. their faith is tried at an early age because of something they can not control. i would love to be able to help them, talk to them, whatever!

Day 30 - dream date.

frankly, any date at this time will make me happy.

i'm not a picky one. really, i'd basically do anything that wasn't too sick-nasty & weird. my dream, dream, DREAM date is to go fishing. weird, i know. i'm not a fisher. i just think going fishing would be soooo fun for some reason! like, i will go fishing on a date before i die, just sayin.

Day 31 - the finale.

march just flew by! i can't believe it's over. hopefully you learned more about me & my life. :) posting every single day was a pain in the reer, but i enjoyed it. i can't wait for april! april & may are thee best months ever & i honestly can not wait.

2 claps for march madness.


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