March 16, 2011

sweet sixteen

Day 16 - your favorite class

medical anatomy & physiology,

me tay tanner jord tori

my favorite class for many reasons.

{1} dad's the teacher! a good one, too. even though his family stories are sometimes embarassing, it's still fun. i like watching him teach - sometimes i just sit there & i'm like woah, you're my dad! love him.. so much!

{2} the people above. oh, & kevin - he took the picture. [it makes me laugh.. for numerous reasons] we talk all the time about anything & everything. literally anything & everything. sometimes dad gets mad, oops! for some reason when we walk into room 218 all our guards fly out the window & it's like secret time for an hour and twenty minutes. it's awesome :) i love it & i love them.. so much!

thanks MAP, you make life that much funner.
(even though that's not a word)


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