March 3, 2011

dia tres!

Day 03 - your happiest moment.

may 8, 2010.
the night before, all of my friends, (let me rephrase that..) all of my best friends were hanging out at sam's house. we watched a basketball game for a while then decided to go outide. we were all sitting around the campfire laughing and having the funnest time! everyone there was so tight & it was fun to just sit around & tell stories & laugh with eachother. all the kids at sam's were so funny and just good people to be around.

the next day was the happiest i have ever been,

i went to breakfast with tay and sky. i had never had kneaders for breakfast before & i got the yummiest breakfast sandwich. (breakfast is my favorite meal after all!) that started my day off perfectly! i remember just talking with tay and sky just smiling and all giddy- i was in the best mood ever. i felt so content with everything & like i was on top of the world! that night i went to sky's and just relaxed for awhile. later on some friends came over and that was a party, let me tell ya! everything that had gone on that weekend was just what i needed.

& that was one of my happiest moments- sitting in kneaders, knowing everything was hunky-dory-dory :)



  1. that makes ME so happy to hear about how happy you are. love that little girl. and love you.

  2. i remember that day like it was yesterday. why did life change? that group of friends was seriously the best. i wish we could go back tar.


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