March 12, 2011

i'm sick of seeing march madness posts.

i've been in st. geeeezy for the past few days. the annual baseball trip, HOLLA!

i got a makeover - walking around feeling like i was 30 was great. the baseball game made me a little nervous today. i forgot that i kinda freak out sometimes. (the girl behind me basically told me to chill)

i found a new pet peeve.
when you get denied the kids menu.

like really?! i know i'm not 12, but sometimes i'm not that hungry & i don't want to spend one million dollars on food i'm not going to eat! "you can't do that..." URG. instead i was forced to order an item on the "big kids" menu. i'm spending money to eat at your restaurant, let me order what i want! would you rather me not get anything? ANNNDD get this. i ordered a refillable root beer float {it was $4 mind you} & they didn't even refill my vanilla ice cream!! if i wanted rootbeer i would have ordered it.

the brick oven in st george, utah disappointed me very much. if you're ever near, don't go! they'll offend you & make you in a bad mood for the rest of the day. just sayin.


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  1. Hola there.
    I found your blog off of tiffanie's (we are friends from efy three years ago) anyhoo I really love your blog design, it is adorable. Turquoise wins!


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