March 28, 2011

my day today.

today was minimal day.
because tar has been working her bum off all weekend for
student council,
i sat at home by myself today.
it wasn't all that bad, i kind of liked it actually.
i got to catch up on {most} of my homework and tunes.
adele, erik hassle, t-pain ft. chris brown is the way to go, i'm tellin ya!
but wanna know the best part of my day?
i got my first paycheck!
i was oh so excited when it came :)
hope your day was as productive as mine!
over & out.


oh yeah, how could i forget? i also got asked to prom on saturday!
{more details to come}


  1. im so excited for the both of you!! I wish baby girl was already here, and a month old so we could come down and hang out with you... one day! ;) love you little girlies.

  2. excuse me, where do you work?!
    and who is the lucky guy?
    come on, i'm dying here. details please!

  3. caaan i just say,
    you girls are GORGEOUS.
    like really.

    where do you work? ARE THEY HIRING?! i'm in need of a job. badly. maybe it'll help with this senioritis of mine.

    p.s. you 2 were awarded:)


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