March 11, 2011

e l e v e n

Day 11 - an angel - we've all got 'em

my grandpa nelson, my uncle dave, & my brother mckay are all angels that are watching over me & my family that i love & miss very, very much!

tracy olsen is sky's mom who was like a second mother to me for the few years that i got to know her. i miss the times when we would just hop in the car & go to the gas station for a treat or when she'd take us out to dinner or a movie. i never expected the emotional experience that my best friends went through at that time, but it brought a circle of friends a lot closer. i think about her all the time; i miss & love her very much, too!

my brother mckay was a born in between paige & jensen. he's the 5th child of 8! i love hearing my mom talk about him & tell the stories of when he was a baby. she says that he probably would have looked like me & tay because he had strawberry-ish hair.

when he was 4 months old he passed away from SIDS. (sudden infant death syndrome) it was very unexpected & my mom says it was one of the most spiritual experiences she has experienced in her life. although he's not physically here, he still is! i always think about how he's watching me & the decisions i make. i want him to be proud of me & proud of my actions & decisions. i think about him all the time & what our relationship would be like, who he'd be friends with, etc.. 

i know that families are forever & if i live righteously i will be able to see him again, & i'm sooo excited for that! i want to see him so i need to be making the right decisions in order to do so. love you mckay reese!! thanks for watching over me & protecting me! 

- tar!


  1. this post made me so happy. i believe it really brought our friends so much closer and i'm so grateful for that. walking in behind my mom's casket and looking towards you guys all on a bench together, crying; such joy. i love you tar. best post ever:)

  2. You made me almost cry at work. This post is beautiful.


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