March 2, 2011

it takes two to make it outta sight!

Day 02 - your baby story

the evening of november 6, 1993 was an eventful one. my mother could only feel one baby moving and decided to run to the hospital. after some tests, the doctor's found that baby #1 (that would be moi) was stealing food from baby #2 (that would be tay). the doctors were scared that baby #2 was on death row, so they planned for an emergency c-section and we were born maybe 7 minutes later. it was a quick one! people always ask "oh, how far apart are you two?" yeah, well.. no one really knows. my mom was sort of under-the-influence of anesthesia at the time & keep dreaming if you think my dad was counting. on our birth certificates it says we were born in the same minute so the seconds vary from person to person. i weighed 2 lbs. 11 oz. and taylor weighed 2 lbs. 2 oz. and measured a few inches bigger than a dollar bill! wowza. my sisters tell me & tay that we were like baby birds because we had no fat whatsoever. (we didn't even have enough fat for a bum, let alone bum crack! yeah, we were ugly little boogers)

 since we were so premature there were a lot of tests that needed to be done. i, for one, am left with a burn and permanent rash on my right foot from a test the doctors did. (which in the long run was a blessing because that was the only way my family could tell us apart for awhile. if it hadn't been for the scar- i could be taylor right now for all i know!) we were in the hospital for about 2 months and had to come home with a lot of different monitors. it really is so amzing to me that we don't have any mental or physical problems (don't ask my brothers, they'll probably argue with you). i can't believe i almost killed taylor. my life would be soooooooo different with out her and i do not know what i would do! i wouldn't have a best friend who knows exactly what i'm going through, who i can be a complete fool around and not worry about wether i look stupid or not.
sorry i almost killed you, tay!
sure do wub.


  1. i remember it like it was yesterday. im glad you didnt take taylor out either, i kinda like her. loves.


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