March 21, 2011

if this were my age i'd be able to buy alcohol.

but i don't do that kind of stuff so..

Day 21 - your feelings
{basically a journal entry.
i don't generally like when people post big long things,
but.. i did today}

right now i'm feeling very accomplished. i had an exhausting weekend & haven't been that tired since basketball ended. (which probably means i should do more with my life then take naps & watch t.v. with the occasional homework. just kidding, i do my homework) i'm proud of myself for being able to complete such a big task - & i did it all on my own. mom gave me GREAT ideas & tay came to kinkos with me at the wee hours of the night. (thank heavens for 24/7 service) she stayed up for a bit to help me get everything together. i'm so blessed to have a family like i do. always willing to help, loving, basically everything rolled into one big ball of nelson. i took a 4 hour nap to make up for lost times last night & woke up to a lovely dinner mom made. she's the best.

i'm really excited for the future. i thought about running for student council for a long time but never really did anything about it. i didn't really tell anyone except for a few family members. on my way home from st. george - the long 4 hour drive - i thought about it more & more & was unable to fall asleep. which is very weird for me because i could basically fall asleep anytime, anyplace of the day. i just listened to my iPod & looked outside. i mostly saw things photography mode, you know - seeing things & saying "oh! that'd be a cool picture!" but that's when i finally decided that i was going to run for student council.

it's a lot of work. i was on student council in 9th grade so i have a little experience. i know that high school student council is 10x harder but i'm willing to work. i've felt a whole lot of emotions these past few days - nervous, excited, scared, accomplished, tired, happy.. & i've spent a lot of time trying to make my things look nice.

i have my speech tomorrow during lunch & my interview after school. i'm nervous but very excited at the same time. i hope i can get my ideas accross well & in a flowing manner. wish me luck!
-taryn e.

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  1. best of luck little girlie! your gonna do great! we love you...


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