March 13, 2011

lucky 13!

Day 13 - your family

the whole nelson family's lucky number is 13, fancy that!

i love my family more than i can even begin to describe! they're my best friends & i'd rather play with them than anyone else.

first: mom & dad.
they both have taught me so much & i'm soo grateful to be their daughter. i'm grateful that because they were married in the temple our family can be together forever!

child #1: lindsay

yeah, she was chosen to be the "billboard bride" for thanksgiving point. she was on all of their hand outs, advertisements & a billboards, HOLLA. 

{joey} & her cute little family.

child #2: brooks

he works at timpanogos & used to be my personal driver :) {boosa} brings good stories to the fam.

child #3: brynne

here's {du beena}'s cute little fam. she's so easy to talk to & is always positive!! ALWAYS. she works so hard & cares about everyone so much. she's the peacemaker for sure!

child #4: paige

she & jord are expecting their first - it's a girl :) & i couldn't be more thrilled!! paige is soo funny and i love when she comes down from logan to play with us. {peeps} makes every family gathering so much fun!

child #5: mckay
he's our gaurdian angel! (i'm sad our scanner isn't hooked up or else i'd have a pic)

child #6: jensen

ohh {nessy jj} - serving a mission in montana (let's count how many times i've said that on here) i miss him but am so grateful that he's doing what's right & that his health is getting better. he's so fun to be around! i miss driving around telling eachother our secret stories that m&d weren't supposed to find out ;)

child #7: taryn

oh that's me - HOLLA.

child #8: taylor

well {tayda-bayda} is so much fun :) i've said soo much about how much i like her & her presence. what a joy she brings :)

i love my family SOOO much. especially after our fun little vacay to st. geezy! i love baseball season for many reasons but the top one being my family. we all get along so well & have a freaking good time whenever we're together! there's never a dull moment - ever!

love you all! i'm so grateful to be a part of this wonderful family!

- taryn nelson.

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