November 9, 2011

you know it's your birthday when....

{1} your family totally spoils you more than necessary..

{2} your best friends treat you to dinner, ice cream, & a movie....

{3} you have a cake & ice cream partaaay with your friends....

{4} your fam throws another party for you.... 2 cakes for 2 girls....

{5} you grow another year older & another year wiser!

thanks for the best birthday ever, friends & famiy!
we are soo blessed to have good people like you in our lives.

(sorry we've been slacking. i would say "WE'RE BACK!" but that's quite the opposite...
we're off to california with our sisters to meet [hopefully] some of our favorite celebs!)

see you next week! :)

-t squared


  1. Aww Happy bday! Y'all are lookin fabulous!

  2. I love this, you girls are adorable! wish I could have made it that evening but so glad you guys had fun.. HAPPY 18th!!!! (: (: Lets go to 80's night sometime!!! Twinners, Tiff, Liza (: us 18 years olds! sooo down! (:

  3. your family loves you.
    i know this because i can see biebsy's christmas album in the middle of all your swagg.
    it looks like you two had a fantastic time.
    18 is a good year. love it.


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