November 23, 2011

breaking dawn part one... {part two}

i don't really want to post about this because i feel like it makes our trip completely over. 
{sad sobs} so, much to my dismay - here it is, people...

in order for the crew to set up the "black" carpet, tent city #1 was demoted to another designated spot.
not much was going on, so we packed our stuff & went to the hotel.
we were afraid we would miss something, so after we all showered and got ready,
we made our way back to tent city.. just in case!
& voila! the black carpet was all set up.

after hanging out & meeting some new friends, we went back to the hotel.
since we were rookies in the tent city arena, everyone told us to get a good nights sleep
& eat a good breakfast because the day of the premiere consisted of standing, waiting, standing, & waiting.
i (taryn) honestly could not sleep the whole entire night.. not even joking. i was too excited! at around 5:00am, i hear lindsay scuffling around in her bed..

paige: "linds, are you awake?" 
lindsay: "yes, & i have been for the past hour!"
taryn: "are you talking about not sleeping?"
taylor: "i'm awake, too!"
brynne: "ME TOO!"
we all busted up laughing! no one was sleeping! you'd think we were  6 year olds on Christmas morning or something. it was one of the funniest moments of the entire trip :)

the next morning, we woke up (well... got out of bed, because we already discussed how no one slept) and had a yummy breakfast for the first time in 5 days. the hotel's continental breakfast def. beat out the
pop-tarts and granola bars we had been eating for breakfast every previous morning.

we had to report back to tent city the black carpet at 2:00 to start lining up, & since celebs weren't going to be there until 5, we had a lot of waiting to do. we ended up on the 3rd row behing the barricade. we were dissapointed because that meant we weren't going to get any pictures with the stars, but it was still a killer spot! the security guard even expanded the gate, & we minouvered our way to the second row. (2 claps for us) our spot was right in the very corner of the entrance. the entrance, people! everyone who came was standing 2 feet away from us! we were so excited about seeing the twilight stars, but we never even thought about everyone else who would be there. honestly, i've never been so starstruck in my entire life. the stars just kept coming and coming! everytime me or taylor spotted someone new, we'd freak out & be like "OH! there's so & so!" SO FUN! brynne was the photographer of the night, so while the stars were waiting to go on the black carpet, she'd yell their name & get a picture of them. she even had full on conversations with a handful of these people! she was making us laugh so hard.

these pictures don't even do it justice...

somehow, everyone remembered brynne. from the head of security, to our waiter at ESPN Zone, to the yahoo movies host... it was cuh-razy! since we were standing right next to the yahoo movies booth, the host (mark) was like "hey brynne, want me to take a picture of you guys?" we all laughed.

our little city of orem doesn't attract many celebrities, so we haven't really seen a whole lot of famous people. whether we knew the stars or not, it was so cool to be on the black carpet & see people in real life! it made them seem more human.

these two were some of my favorites. (especially sterling knight.. we made eye contact like.. 23849 times)

the girl from step up 2, heather locklear, the guy from design star, & fox face from the hunger games.

the stars from the show revenge

some american idol alumni - stefano & lauren

bella's friends eric & mike from twilight
denali vampires tanya & kate

members of the vultori - felix & charly

twilight people! billy, renee, stephanie meyer, & renesmee

emily (loved her look!)

the rest of the wolf pack 

the cullens! carlisle, esmee, jasper (who is a rat, BTW), rosalie, emmett :), & alice

my votes are in:
best dressed: emily (loved the simplicity. she looked stunning)
worst dressed: tie between kate (beehive dress w/ studs? really?) & rosalie (i like you.. not your dress)

now brace yourselves, readers. it's about to go up a notch.

next up is:
"the big 3"

we heard the loudest screaming coming from the bleachers, so we knew 1 of the big 3 had arrived. then we looked on the jumbo-tron & saw that it was rob. IT WAS ROB! we all started freaking out, but remembered "not to scream/yell when he was by us" because "he doesn't like that" - twi mom said.
we were waiting, & waiting for what seemed like forever then paige goes "you guys he's coming! i can see his hair!!" since we were right by the yahoo movies box, we got to stare at him longer then the others :)

the camera wasn't working very well (of course!) when he was up & close with us.
not to mention he had 5 security guards surrounding him completely!
we were all laughing when paige told us this story:

"and i cant believe im admitting to this, publicly. but when he was right in front of me, i just wanted to touch him. come on people, i was in the moment, and ROB PATTINSON was standing right in front of me. i didn't care for his autograph, cause what was i gonna do with it? and my hopes of getting a picture with him was cut in shambles, but heck- i just wanted to say that i touched rob pattinson. so i reached out to touch his arm and one of the security guards slapped my wrist away!!! ha ha, i was laughing so hard. cause i felt like such a fool. (i might be peeing my  pants as im writing this). but tried one more time, and i got it! i totally touched him.
ha ha, at least think its cool ;) oh my gosh im such a nerd."

taylor was very dedicated to the poster job she was assigned.
she wanted so bad for the poster to be in the shot,
people were yelling at her to move because "they couldn't see rob"..

anyways, the crowd went wild again, but this time it was kristen.
she is so down-to-earth & nice! we loved her.

then they took some pictures together
(couple? definitely. i mean, look at the way he strokes her arm as he's walking to get more pics.. come. on.)

then the crowd errrupted, once again.
he was so nice, too. he even signed linday & paige's arm
(crazy, right? they were in the moment)

well, that's what the trip was originated for.. to see "the big 3".
all the stars had gone through & we thought our night was over.

noo, no, nooooo! here comes charles (head security) with tickets TO THE PREMIERE for all the campers!

we ran around the corner to get into the theater, and rob was being interviewed by access hollywood (or something like that?). we had a clear view and we stopped and shouted "ROB!" and he looked at us, gave us a little smile, and then continued his interview- awe, we love him.

after going through security & waiting in more lines, we got our free popcorn & drinks & went to find our seats.  even though they weren't the best seats in the theater, we still got to see the movie & hello- getting to see the movie and look down and see the actors watching it in the same theater??? experience of a lifetime! yes. i dont care if you are a twilight fan or not- that was freakin cool!

the movie was by far the best one of the series! the director did such a good job, & it followed the book SO well! yes, there were a few sketchy/cheesy scenes, but what more can you expect?

i still can't believe we did it.
me & tay got some rough news the morning we left to cali,
so it was nice to forget about absolutely everything & leave it all behind.
this was the best trip ever & we're so grateful for the way everything turned out
because it could have been much, MUCH worse!

thanks sisters for the best times ever.
this was an experience we'll never forget!
wouldn't have wanted it any other way with anyone else.
love you to smithereens...
(you too, rob)

-taryn and taylor

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  1. no way that this just happened to us!!! i think for sure if we go back next year and take the "twins" everyone will remember us:) loves.

  2. oh man, we are the coolest people ever. i couldn't have imagined going on this vacation with anyone else than my sisters.. and i was so happy to be a triplet with you for a few days! :)
    love you sisters!!

  3. :O oh my gosh, you totally touched him?! sounds like y'all had the best time ever!

  4. that is SO cool you got to go down there for the premiere!! (:


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