November 27, 2011


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we got jobs.
yes jobs.
because we both have 2.
these next 4 weeks will be cuhh-razy.
just in time for some extra green to spend for Christmas!

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thanksgiving break was far too good to us.
why must it end?
only 19 days until Christmas break, holla.

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we miss these ^ beautiful people.
{only $8 left on the starbucks cards we got in tent city.
once it's gone, our trip is officially OVER}

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that's all.

- taryn & taylor


  1. oh my word- i saw that pic of rob and kristen (you know, our bff's) and i felt a little homesick. how sad is that? i like need to go see the movie 2,376 more times and maybe i wont feel like that anymore. come with me.
    ps. i'm listening to the soundtrack right now.. thats probably NOT helping.
    pps. good thing jerd doesn't read these comments, im pretty sure i would be in loads of trouble right now. ha ha!
    ppss. i promise, this is the last thing i will say... you guys have such an eye for that type of art. i need to find me some and put it in my house
    okay.. im done. la ya both.

  2. okay. not done.
    im pretty sure that $8 on the cards is mine. give it back.

  3. What are y'all doing for jobs? Sounds fun. :)

  4. oh, man. you guys are too cute. (:


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