November 3, 2011

under your spell!

sadies 2011 was... memorable. besides the fact that we ran into everyone's relatives everywhere we went & the dance was cut short due to lame {keyword LAME} dj's, we had so much fun with our friends!

the group! we were power rangers :)
taryn went with ryan mulfy & taylor went with tyler hamilton!

the best friends!

// twinners


  1. i LOVE your costumes!
    business: i already have silver leggings but you guys are representing a BILLION shiny colors. WHERE DID YOU GET THEM!?!?!?!

  2. um.. how is it that my little sisters are so much cooler than me? cause seriously.. you are.

  3. ps. cant wait to celebrate your big day this weekend! love you adults!

  4. t-6 days!!!
    ps. how ticked are you that you saw you had so many comments in a short amount of time, and then saw that it was me ;) ha ha! love you!


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