January 30, 2011

nothin but some good competition.

as nelson's, we're automatically programed to be competitive. you can't go to a nelson party with out talk of sports teams & which team is going to win the game that night. every new years day we go to a movie or bowling. on january 1, 2011 i was one of the highest bowlers of the night! i beat 1) jensen. 2) brooks. & 3) MY DAD! that never happens, ever. my dad is good at e-ver-y-thing.

*obviously you don't spell taryn like that.

best day ever!
well last night we went bowling as our last little family night with stinker, (he leaves for montana on monday). let's just say... it didn't go as well as the previous bowling tournament. for starters, taryn was losing with a whompin 15 on frame 6. somehow she stepped up & got a spare & a strike on her next turns. our scores weren't as good as the last time, but taryn managed to pull out of last place. it was fun to spend the weekend with fam before jens leaves, we'll miss him a lot!                                


  1. awe... good times we had. good times. miss jens already ;(

  2. thank you for not mentioning the evening i had or my score for that matter...yikes! sorry we didnt make it to your game today, im lame. next one for sure, pinky promise.


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