January 13, 2011

dear journal.

it's the
although it's stressful & annoying, i can't wait to get rid of some of my classes. ready for a change in atmosphere x2.
drawing with thomas? you will not be missed.
financial lit. with kris? you will/not be missed. (iffy)
photo with tomas? you will/not be missed. (iffy)
i don't think i'll like semester 2... maybe, just maybe.
hopefullly mrs. eisenhart won't give me as much greif as she did last year,
& my seminary class will still be bomb.

taylor & i have both been interested in nursing our whole lives.
but this year i decided to change.

i'm dropping my MATC classes.
i would be getting my CNA this year, MA next year.

i still haven't decided if it's the right choice or not,
but everything will work out even if it isn't.
as of right now, there's no such thing as a b3 or b4 for me.
i was thinking about going into a digital photography class because i passed film photo already. i'm not interested in being a photographer; i just want cool pictures. but it's still unsure.

i'll sure miss taylor though.
we've had 7 classes together this semester.
she'll be driving to AF every bday without me.
i think it will be good for us to break out of the identical twin stage we're in because everyone basically thinks we're the same person.
i think that's a big reason why i'm changing?

the still iffy,

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  1. if the digital photography class at your school is anything like the one at Timpview, then I suggest taking it. I loved that class and learned a ton of helpful things with photoshop.
    Just my two cents. :)


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