January 25, 2011

round one of region treated us well..

our varsity girls team is ranked #2 in the region & #5 in the state. (for 4A)
today if you tuned into channel 2 at 6 o' clock you would have seen our junior gaurd mercedes. 
she was the prep of the week. (2 claps for cedes!)
a man from the news came & interviewed her during practice, so you may have seen a teeny-tiny glimpse of one of our faces. (it was on there for such a short period of time that even we couldn't tell which twin it was) 


pic. 1- me      pic.2-tar
the second round of region play starts on friday & we play provo.
hopefully we'll beat them by 20+ points like before!

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  1. You girls are so cute. Someday I'll be able to tell you two apart ;-)


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