January 19, 2011

look up 'struggle' in the dictionary, i'm sure you'll find our names close by..

last night, taylor & i both got into the varsity game against lehi. we were ahead by a lot and there was only 1:30 left on the clock. i, for one, was scared out of my mind! my heart was beating soo fast & i thought my lungs were going to collapse. here's how it went..

we have possession & my teammate passes it to me. i was wide open so i shot it.. airball. (crap) next possession- jamie passes it to me & i have a wide open lane, so i drive. i panicked, chucked the ball up & it hit the glass, not even the rim. (crap) next, taylor gets fouled & shoots a 1-1 free throw but missed. (crap) i hussle back on defense and our crowd started chanting 3, 2, 1, hoping the lehi girl would chuck it up & miss, so i just stood there. welp, there was a lehi girl standing right in back of me & i didn't see her. she got the ball & made a wide open lay-up at the buzzer. (CRAP)

i struggled & was more embarassed than i have ever been in my whole entire life. the boys team was all watching, waiting for their game to start. great.

so later, we look at the newspaper. [you can read that here] it says that taylor scored 2 points....WHAAA?! we look even closer. it says that #23 scored but that's my number!! WHAAA?! so now taylor/taryn nelson averages .17 points a game! hooray! shoot to the deseret newspaper author, but that's ok. it's alright to struggle sometimes writer, that's what i've learned from yesterday's game.

tomorrow we play mountain view. as of right now, we're both undefeated in region. this game is HUGE because we only had one loss in region last year, & that was to mountain view. so whoever wins tomorrows game will be #1 in region! GO T-WOLVES.

- taryn -

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  1. hahahahaha oh my heck, tar wow.
    this made me smile. you're cute (: atleast you admit you struggle (: annnnd! atleast you got some credit.. for... playing? (: haha. cute (:


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