January 15, 2011

we've got spirit, yes we do!

one word...
for the first time in what seems like forever, our school acutally had spirit. yes, spirit. as past pep assemblies have been a complete bust, todays winter sports one was soooo great! everyone was very parcipitory (is that even a word?!) & so into it! we actually felt like a student body. everyone was pumped for the first region home game. a ton of people came to the boys game & i think our team played so much better because of it.

since it's region, boys & girls play in the big and small gyms.
here's the news...........
timpanogos won all the games.

boys & girls sophomores. WIN.
boys & girls jv. WIN.
boys & girls varsity. WIN.

we all stormed the court after the final buzzer rang of the boys varsity game & sang our fight song. it was seriously the best feeling. but our favorite part of the night was when someone got a broom & put a note on it that said "SWEEP" & everyone was chanting it to the orem fans.

today was a great day to be a t-wolf!
-taryn & taylor


  1. how fun sister! you brought me back to the good ol days of being a twolf. sometimes i miss those days ;) good job for winning!!!
    GO T-WOLVES! -love paige and kj

  2. isn't school spirit so fun? im sad for you that it's only once in a blue moon. your last two posts were so cute. i love your pics in the back yard by the fence, you guys are babes! love ya.

  3. hahaha that 'person' with the broom, was... uh. well bailey (: (: haha gooood job twinnas! you both played so good in JV! Yes, I was there

  4. I love school spirit. It makes you feel so united with all your classmates and it's the coolest thing.
    Have you guys played Timpview yet? If not, maybe we'll see each other there!
    I love your new blog header by the way! It's new isn't it? haha I'm going to feel so stupid if it's not and I'm just losing my mind.. which I probably am so just ignore me. ;)


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