January 9, 2011

wait, what's the date?

boy oh boy has this been a CUH-RAZY week. here it is in review.

monday, tuesday, wednesday. school, practice (all of which ended with 4+ ladders), homework, homework, (maybe more homework) sleep.

thursday. school. game @ provo (win), play games with fam, no homework was completed, sleep.

friday. school. jens has surgery #2. game @ west lake (win, but it wasn't pretty). play with maddie & danni until the wee hours of the night. go to DEL. come home to jens & dad going back to the hospital because he's in so much pain. try & watch the pretty little liars season premiere but fall asleep because we're more than exhausted.

saturday. do the score/clock for a little girls basketball tournament for 6 hours at the school. good thing coach brought us cafe rio & the ref in the big gym was attractive or else the day would have been awful. (not to mention the ref made jokes with us, it only kinda made our hearts beat fast)  go see jens at the hospital. go to lindsay & kenny's house to watch Wall Street & eat treaties. p.s. it's a great show!! but if you aren't financially educated you will be confused.. like taylor ;) sleep.

there's our hectic week. please bless next week is a little more calm.

*tay took this picture for photo.

this big guy & his little brother are having a sleep over tonight. we might be a little too excited! love 'em.

-taryn & taylor

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  1. All I have to say is, thank you for beating Provo.


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