April 17, 2011

spring break 2011!

the week started out with spending lots & lots of time with baby ro & her mom as they had a sleepover for a few days. we miss them soo much!

then we spent a lot of time with miss tori. what a friend that girl is! we made lots of adventures driving around & eating like fat kids. we made cupcakes {& frosting, mind you} & delivered them to some of our most favorite people.

sometimes googling "easy frosting recipes" will lead you in the wrong direction & AFTER you make the stuff you'll read comments that say DO NOT TRY THIS!! IT'S HORRIBLE, CLUMPY, & TASTES AWEFUL!! shoot, dawg. it actually turned out pretty good.

yummy yummy for our tummies.



we spent our saturday at the ballpark, holla! one of our very favorite games was played today - timpanogos vs. viewmont. it's a tradition to play them every year because my dad not only played there, but was a freaking allstar. {they retired his jersey number - he was that good!} all of the nelson clan lives up near viewmont & most of our cousins go there, so we just play them every year & have a barbeque.

we. got. fried. it was such a nice day & it's been so cold lately that we didn't even think about bringing sunscreen. our bad. & we both have very weird tan lines. please bless they go away by PROM! then, taylor shattered taryn's iPhone. yes, the screen is cracked x10 & you get glass pieces in your ear after every time you talk on it. rough.


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