April 30, 2011


i woke up today in a little debbie downer mood.

{1} snow. like really? you just ruined every hope i had of having good prom pictures. i need sunshine & green.. you cancel both of those out. not to mention i'm going to be freezing my bum off all day.

{2} i basically had the worst dream ever. & that always puts me in bad moods.

{3} my alarm this morning was a phone call from dad telling me to clean the church. YAY, my absolute fav. it atually wasn't that bad & we went to magleby's after, so.. it was all cash in the end. (2 claps for their all you can eat pancakes & buttermilk syrup. i think i'll be fine until dinner).

{4} i'm nervous?

but i'm also very excited for tonight. we spent last night at lowes xtreme air sports for our day date. there's nothing better than jumping into a huge pit of foam & not getting injured. we all decided that we could probably sleep in the pits because they were so soft. :) then we went to the malt shoppe, ate shakes, & talked for 2 hours. love this group!

wanna see a sneak peek of my dress?

she's a puurrdy thing ain' huur?
i'm real excited to show her off tonight.

tay & i are both in the same group,
so wish us luck! :)

-taryn & taylor

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  1. tar, i think that was your funniest post to date... i lol'ed for 5 hours. cant say enough about how hot the two of you were last night for PROM. cant wait for the pics...xoxo


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