April 18, 2011

i think i'm psychic, because i imagined things would happen today - then they did.

you know, i think i should get my tonsils out because i have strep...

yes, i skipped school. yes, i did miss an a day. yes, i am going to have loads of make-up work. {i hate missing a days, they're the worst.} & yes, while i was in the doctor's office i out-weighed every other patient by 93 pounds {because i ate 1 burger in 2 days i lost 2 pounds, HA! shows how much i eat e'rryday.}

today wasn't all blue & gloom, though.

i spent the day with my lovely mother. {& tay when she got home from school} we laughed and watched the tele, particularly the  "william & kate" movie on lifetime. now, i'm suddenly obsessed with their story of royalty & romance.

then Timps Angels wrote this on my wall on facebook.

Congratulations on next years Student Council. You are going to do awesome, and you can seriously make a change at THS. There are many people who secretly look up to you; never change who you are for anyone, unless its for the better.

what pals! the whole dramas anonymous thing was getting way out of hand. i soon found it annoying & rude rather than funny & entertaining. yet, people started making ones that said nice things about people. 2 claps for the saints in the world.


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  1. ahh! my mom told me i had to watch their movie! i'm dying to watch the wedding but i'll be in school or work. fml x a billion.


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