April 30, 2012


we went to prom on saturday...
like usual, our amazing mom & sisters helped us;
our team of experts//personal cinna's totally did us up!!
(making dresses//alterations, hair, make-up, pics, flowers, etc)
but this wasn't your ordinary//typical high school dance..


this pimpin' friend of ours asked us both!
we've always joked about it, & we used to loathe the idea,
but once it happened we could not have been more thrilled.
throughout the week we would just be sitting in class//driving to work
and then bust up laughing. "i can't believe this is happening!!"
funnest. dance. ever.

thanks for putting the cherry on top of our senior year, ty! we love you!
-taryn & taylor


  1. so pretty you guys!! and where did you get those shoes??

  2. You girls look so pretty! As usual. Love your hair & dresses!

  3. WOW! You guys, this is so sweet and cute and darling and beautiful and everything! I love it. Looove it. So sweet. I'm very jealous.

  4. Those dresses are so stunning!! As are you two ladies. Kudos for being awesome (:

  5. t-ham is seriously such a pimp. i could tear up just thinkin about my little sissies going to their senior prom.. and graduating.. and going off to college. er guys are too widda! but man alive, you guys are beautiful beautiful beautiful gels. you were def the envy of all the rest. la you both so much.

  6. i absolutely loved every minute of this! you two stunners + one serious stud= goo goo times! love you!

  7. um, absolutely gorgeous!! from the shoes to the hair, everything is flawless.

  8. if i have ginger babies i hope they're as pretty as you two.
    i'm serious.

  9. You guys look STUNNING. Your dresses are so pretty. And your shoes? Holy cow, you girls rocked it.

  10. I love your dresses. Understated yet so beautiful. I love your style and will have to keep this in mind the next time I have something fancy to attend.

  11. Oh my gosh, this is the cutest thing ever!

  12. THAT is adorable! Your dresses are gorgeous -- well, YOU TWO are gorgeous! -- and how fun to get to share a date. So low-key and no-pressure and AWESOME.

    I have a twin brother but I wouldn't have dared to attend any dance with him. Uh ... incest. Haha!

  13. Alright, those dresses? Perfection! I am so glad someone else went the "original" and "classy" style... I wore a tutu to prom. Haha.


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