May 24, 2013


Remember what happened at  // last years state tournament? // Well, that sort of happened again. If you would have asked anyone if they predicted us taking 3rd in state during the middle of the season, everyone would have said no. It really is crazy to think about how far this team has come and how hard they fought to make it as far as they did. The first time we played Maple Mountain we got ten-runned, and to think that we came inches away from beating them out of the tournament with one of the best pitchers in the state (and to lose in extra innings) ... it's amazing!


It's always sad when the season is over because our family spends day in and day out at the ball park. (This time is especially said for us because we won't be here next season) Baseball isn't just a game for us - it really means so much! Thanks for such a great season, boys!