December 21, 2010

weekend lovin.

i know taryn is usually the one to post everthing, but i'm taking advantage of her illness & updating a little.
lets start with friday.

-AF has no class.
besides the fact they beat our boys by 30+ points, there is no need to walk out of the game 3 minutes before it ended singing "hey, hey, hey, goodbye" continuously & then line up outside the doors, forcing the THS parents & students to walk through your classless, chanting, faces.
boo you, cavemen.

-anyways, then we {taylor, taryn, ker, sar, maddie, & kiley} made fools of ourselves attempting to sing with a blindfold and blasted earphones, only proving to the each other how bad of singers we really are.

-sometimes we don't care what we look like. this was the case for 
saturday evening. twinners, sar & ker showed up to tyson's birthday 
party in sweats and no makeup. 
we looked so hot.

-sunday my sister won tickets to see david archuleta & the motab choir perform. boy was it a treat. i've always been a fan of archuleta, but my love grew for him and his voice. he's a new fave for sure.

-tar has been sick yesterday & today, with no signs of getting better. i've been as bored as ever with out her.

-lets pray this christmas break is all it's cracked up to be.
it's a much needed break from school & all the stress.
i know of a special secret that i'm just dying to get out, literally.

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