December 5, 2010

game programs, come get your game programs.

as a fundraiser for HOSA we had to sell game programs at BYU Football games. was it fun? NO. standing out in the freezing cold & being rejected by strangers isn't really how i like to spend my day. (not to mention i didn't get to sleep in 'till 12.30 on game days) obviously there are no more home games. PRAISE! even though it wasn't the funnest and we got the retarded tingles everytime a timpview basketball player walked by, we made the most of it.

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  1. K your comment on my blog? Totally made my day. You guys are the sweetest! And how awesome is it that we live so close to each other? Go Utah Valley! :)

    And oh man, I had to do this for HOSA last year too, So I definitely feel your pain.


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