December 28, 2010

this (somewhat) winter season...

i hate the winter. it's too cold & i'm too scared of driving in the snow. butch doesn't like it, he slips & slides & makes me all scared. there hasn't been too much of that white puffy stuff around. {that just means it'll still be snowing in april, according to previous ..801.. weather forecasts} it's just been rainy & brown outside which makes me a little depressed.... moving forward- a few reasons why i've kept myself going rather than curl up in a ball & sleep all day this season.

[p.s. i'm sorry i don't have an expensive camera to make my pictures look nice, santa must be saving it for next year]

1. best friends! as stated here, for sarah's birthday we went to macey's, got ice cream/mustaches, & laughed the whole time. |we get a little crazy when we're together| they're the greatest!


2. now, on to these pretty little things.


there can't be Christmas without some ugly sweaters..
am i right, or am i right? name the movie...

we tried to make these pictures as white trash as possible.

3. seminary bowl: yes, my {taryn} class got last place. no big deal. we came to the conclusion that we're more spiritual because we weren't competitive & were nice to fellow seminary students. for other classes, that wasn't the case. i'm suprised we didn't have to call 911. (some people will do anything to win) hooray for scripture mastery!

4. do you not just want to die over this kid? i do. baby haws is the sweetest one out there. seriously, look at him! he's an angel.


there are my ramblings for the day.
now off to bed to awake to a day filled with
basketball & hanging with the fam...
nothing new.
-taryn e.


  1. I'm so glad you liked the film we made, thanks for stopping by! PS- I feel ya about the snow..

  2. thanks so much for your sweet comment and follow on my blog! and i love yours!! it's so unique and has such a fun feel to it! and i also love your header!

    thanks again for your visit. hope to hear from you again!

  3. seriously - that is the cutest kid ever. and i love the colors on your blog! and the whole design of it. so lovely. :)


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