October 24, 2010

sadies part 1.

i asked cameron mcginn.
according to girl code, the best friends boy is off limits, and i know that. considering they weren't together when i asked, and i have been friends with cam since kindergarten, why not? i knew i wasn't going to pull any moves and i got permission from the best friend, so i asked him.
i asked: hey dew'd it'd be money if we went to sadies
[mt. dew + 100 grands]
he answered: honey-comb your hair, we're going to sadies
[& don't forget the bee mascot handing me the answer] 

taryn asked trevor matheson. 
she gave him pop & popcorn and said:
"pop pop" "fizz fizz" if you went to sadies with me 
that'd be the shiz!
she had her name spelled out in 3 different balloons and he had to pop them to find out who it was.

his answer came with a great story to tell.
(grab your popcorn, it's a long one)
trevor was texting me, telling me to keep taryn away from the door, so i did. later, my mom opened the door and told tar that she had something waiting for her. so, both of us went outside looking for his answer. "taryn! follow the string" so we followed the string. it went all the way around our neighbors big tree but when we got to the end of the string, there was nothing there. taryn took 30 minutes looking for something that could have fallen off or blown away in the wind and she couldn't find anything! 
so i texted trevor and told him how confused we were. apparently our mom opened the door while he was still putting everything together and so he had to run off before completion. there was supposed to be a note at the end of the string that said "look under your door mat" trevor said. so we looked under the doormat and there was this little piece of paper folded into 27ths that said "it'd be one heck of a journey to go to sadies with you!"

sadies is this weekend and we're really excited to party it up with our friends!
this group of 30 will be very interesting.
p.s.& how could i forget to thank tori for all the help? thanks tor!

... to be continued.


  1. you two are the cutiest littles i have ever seen. im excited to hear all about your dates! ps. this will be the last comment i make if you dont add me to your friends list...la you!

  2. yay! im excited for you both. have lotsa lotsa fun. and remember who you are ;)


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