October 12, 2010

the big 20

h a p p p p y
b i r t h d a y
why we're here, why we're here is to say say say say say..
hello jensen, how are you?
its your birthday & we sure love you!
here's a day to celebrate, 
another birthday gone through the gate.
so are you 90 or 91?
only 20 young son of a gun!
h a p p p p y
b i r t h d a y!!!


jensen is serving the lord in three forks, montana. he's been working real hard & is a district leader. he's been out since february 10, so his mission is 1/3 complete! i can't believe how fast it has gone but i still miss him a lot!!
happy birthday nessy jj!!

                      [february 2010]                   [september 2010]

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