October 17, 2010

stick to the status quo.

i got my old iPod working again & I couldn't be happier.
me & t. tay have been jamming all day long to our old favs...

high school musical
demi lovatto
jonas brothers
+ all the one hit wonder songs from junior high 

fall break was a definite success. we had fun playing with some basketball girls that are seriously the funnest people. no one cares what anyone else thinks about them and they're not afraid to act stupid and have fun. {keywords have fun. they party. hard.} ya-ya sisterhood was a year to remember (that is a post all on it's own) and tate's primary program topped it off. 
2 claps for fall break.

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  1. oh my gosh i totally forgot you said you made a blog, and i just saw it on your facebook. i LOVE it! its so cute.
    and im kind of peeping my pants at your last post. i just love you two. and i just saw eclipse last night.. COUNT IT. all 10 of 'em! awe ya.


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