October 31, 2010

ramblings of the day.

-if you're of the opposite gender & tell the 
twinners you go to timpview... 
you're attractive.

-you can never go wrong with high school musical & rent.

-grateful journals are a must, and add to the 
"heavenly father loves me" fun-ness.

- dinner in a pumpkin is the best when i cook it.

-tomorrow is a minimal day- which means the traditional 
minimal/twinner day pictures will be taken.

-too much sugar intake.. i'm officially bloated.

-sadies was so fun! 
| minus dinner. of course out of all the other 29 
people in the group, mine and mckay's names were 
right. next. to. eachother. | what are the freaking chances?!

-i can not wait to sleep tonight.
body pillow + plush = prime.

-tomorrow's a minimal day. 
did i mention that?

-i have way to many crushes to even begin counting.

-happy halloween!!

-i would love to have jury duty over the elizabeth smart
case that's starting soon. i find it fascinating.


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