November 2, 2010

what does the heat have in common with hemingway?

absolutely nothing.
except for when i procrastinate writing my paper on the old man and the sea until 11:00 at night and am falling asleep after every word is typed. while brooks is watching ESPN & it's blaring in my ear, i type the words i hear without even thinking. 

"If we were all in the fish's shoe, we'd realize that some things aren't always as they seem. Especially when the adds in Miami Heat are involved." 

does that sound okay, mr. saxton? please give me the A+ that i deserve....


p.s. this is the birthday week, meaning it will be the slowest week ever. and try-outs are next monday, another reason for the slow paces. joy. 
 p.p.s. i'm dead serious when i say that i typed that in my paper....
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  1. ha ha ha ha tar- seriously?? this deserves an A++.
    much love (:


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