November 11, 2010

words from the wise.

1. make a turkey according to the 4 year olds.

| tate's turkey consisted of
chocolate chips, syrup & burning it untill it's black |

2. be a little late to seminary cause you're carbonation deprived.


3. do good in photo/art class so your projects can be displayed in the commons.

4. take advantage of the fact your dad is the medical anatomy & physiology teacher. go to the school at 11:30 pm to study for the big quiz you have on the one bajillion bones in the body. you may think it'll be easy because he's the teacher and he will go easy on you.  MA&P will make or break your career decisions... and your grades.

5. while down at the school studying for your quiz and your head just keeps bobbing because basketball has taken over your life, jump up on the science lab tables & attempt to do the stanky leg..

1 comment:

  1. I cannot get over how much you two look alike! How on earth do people tell you apart?
    I'm lovin the stanky leg by the way. :)


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