July 18, 2011

my creative juices were shufflin

B8mUJL on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

tay left me by my lonesome today 'cause "peeta was waiting.."
psssssssshhhhhhhh. SO...

today was project day.

i'm in the process of re-doing my magnetic board.
(yikes, was it baaad)
& bloggy got yet another makeover.

oh the joys of being bored.


  1. For real?! Taryn it looks SO cute! Your skills amaze me. You really should teach me all of your blogging secrets!

  2. aw i love it! the header is so presh!! you're such a cutie i love the face where your eyes are squinting..super adorable! :)

  3. gosh, i love you. re-do my blog, its ugly. haha!


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