December 11, 2011

this winter season has been very different than most..

some things have been totally "WTF why the face?!" in our lives lately..

basketball became something of the past instead of the present.
we got laid off from a job we had for 1 week.

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this is us winging it, cause that's what has been thrown at us!
it's sometimes okay, & sometimes not.
we're just trying to make the best of it! :)

instead of playing in the game, i'm taking pictures of the game.
(with a 134908 pound camera, mind you)

it's hard. but it's exciting!
it's sad. but it's happy!
it's frustrating. but it's humbling.

Photobucket  // 1 // tay playing last year. // 2 // before i took 202984 pictures at the boys games.

we're livin the only lives we've got!
- taryn & taylor.


  1. life seems totally unfair sometimes widda girls... but make the most of it. and hey, we get lots more playin time, right? chin up. love you

  2. and what good ones they are...
    see you a kindie. loves.


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