March 18, 2012


#1 - the st. george baseball tournament was the bomb.
warm weather + good food = 4 happy girls.
the team did so good! they played in the championship.

#2 - we were both planning on going to the boyce avenue concert last night, 
but found out that there were zero tickets left.. (who knew they were that popular?)
taryn got lucky & bought a ticket last minute from a friend who got called in to work.


after waiting in line for what felt like 32145 hours in the freezing cold 
& being creeped on by a homeless man named "los with the most", we finally made it in!
the after party & secondhand serenade started the night off...

everyone was soo good! honestly, some of the best live performances i've ever witnessed.
boyce avenue even sang my favorite cover of theirs Fast Car by Tracy Chapman
(which started the obsession)

but the real party began after we were done being smooshed by 
drunk SLC-ers trying to get to the bar, & we met some of the performers!

so all of these guys were just loving the fact that there were plenty of girls
screaming at them, hugging, begging them for autographs/pictures etc..
well korinne & sydney got pictures with alan before we met back up with them,
so the rest of us set out on a quest to do the same.
while we were sitting there in a circle, waiting for someone to make the first move,
the lead singer from the after party kept catching me staring at him.. 
talk about r-word tingles!
well we eventually all took pictures with him and it was great.
then he came back later and was talking with us & i could not stop laughing.
i don't know why.. maybe it's cause this kid is totally famous 
& he's totally talking to us? yeah, that's it.

one thing lead to another & somehow this happened...

thanks so much for such a fun night, girls!


  1. Wow you guys have so much fun and yall are so cute:)

  2. Ok, so now I understand your instagram photo. I was like WHA THA when a hairy chested man had his arms wrapped around my bebe niece, but it's all good now. I don't feel the need to have an intervention talk with your mother any longer :)

  3. Thank you for coming! You were far better then Ben ever would have been, but don't tell him that!

  4. im with courtie. totally sketched out at first. now i feel better. but seriously- i think that i might have an intervention with you, cause you smooching hairy guys and talking about bars and other adult things just makes me feel all protective and stuff. you're my baby sister- i'm supposed to.


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