September 11, 2012


since there are things going on all the time on campus, we took the opportunity to go to the "Big AGG Concert Series" last saturday night, sponsored by Aggie Radio. bands played from 12 in the afternoon, to 10 at night. everyone there was wearing high waisted jeans, red lipstick, and didn't have their hair done. that's when we knew this was the most hipster event we have ever attended.

have you ever tried deep fried oreos? they are soooo good! (and obviously like... really really healthy) the aggie radio people gave us free popcorn and drinks and some quality hipster entertainment. our favorite one man band (and most anticipated) was shadow puppets. he had previously recorded music onto his iPhone, then had it going while he was singing and playing the guitar. half the time we had no idea what he was saying, but it sounded gnarly. 

after two hours of people-hipster-dancing-to-the-hipster-bands-watching, we decided to leave. thank you radio people, we loved your big agg concert series!