September 21, 2010

taryn & the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day.

today was awful.

1. i wanted to sleep in after i heard my alarm go off, so i set it to a later time. oops, i also set it to pm. me & taylor didn't wake up till 7:08. that leaves us a total of 22 minutes to get ready for school.

2. lady days. who likes those? especially if you're me. constant excruciating pain & you can barely breathe without feeling like [insert descriptive word here]

3. mr. saxton's class. need i say more?

4. crowther likes to make fun of me in pre-cal...embarassing, but sometimes humorous. today, not so funny. don't men know not to criticize women when they're extremely hormonal? not cool, sunshine.

5. coach kavika + basketball conditioning = HELL. do you think my poor core area could handle running and working my tail off today? nope. so i called daddy & explained the situation. whenever you metion the words "girl problems" to him, he does whatever he can to make the conversation end quickly.. even if it means checking me out of school. I LOVE HIM.

6. i'm telling coach crandall and coach kavika that i'm getting checked out. why they ask? "um.. because... i need to go to the store for my mom." as if you can't tell, i'm a horrible liar. i was afraid that if i told kavika i was on my period he would just say "oh suck it up, you're fine." yeah, excuse me sir? have you ever been on a menstrual cycle before? didn't think so. i left the gym as fast as you could say idiot.

7. midol works wonders. i'm a firm believer. but when the heating pad can't be found, that's not ok with me. i call mom who's at work & start bawling. way to keep your cool, tar.

8. i forgot NHS applications were due today. i had to type a one page paper on myself {i absolutely hate talking about myself} in 20 minutes & run it down to the school. i forgot to have mom sign it, so i forge a signature. did the signature look like moms? nope. did it look exactly like mine? yep.

9. taylor & i were almost killed in an accident today. people need to learn how to control their speed when rushing down a hill. luckily no one was seriously injured, except my eyes as they saw my life flash before my eyes.

10. i desperately needed some chocolate to calm down my estrogen level while i was watching the best friend, sarah, play volleyball. kavika was sitting near the snack shack, and i was afraid he'd approach me & ask about my lies to get out of his class. i waited a little too long because kavika went & sat right at the snack shack table, as if he knew exactly what i was going through my weak mind.

let's pray tomorrow's better.
 2 more days until thursday, halla.

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  1. Wow, can I say you are definitely my favorite? I Love you Tar & of course Tay :) Tomorrow is our favorite day of the week! I'm so excited! MWAH!


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