September 16, 2010

we {heart} thursdays

thursdays are the best days, don't you agree? it's the day before friday, so everyone's psyched about the weekend. our thursday consisted of the following:

#1. baby haws
& hanging out with 60% of the cutest little guys.
{we absolutely can't get enough of 'em.. if you can't tell}

#2. ths volleyball game. {go t-wolves}
this little piggy has a sister & they travel with kelsie gauchey everywhere. where kels goes, the piggies go. (& you'll be able to hear them, too) most obnoxious things ever. but still so cute. {speaking of piggies, don't mind my greaser hair}

#3. screeching noises from the bathroom.
let's just say that taylor doesn't like bugs. she wouldn't kill this little beetle friend. {keyword little} you can't even see the guy. he's directly to the left of t. tay's knee, the little black thing. a bit dramatic, that girl, eh?

good times not pictured:
#1. jv football.
while tar stayed home to babysit, me & sky made our way to provo. the jv football game made us yawn and feel like we wet ourselves because we were drenched in sweat. the t-wolves were up 33 to 6 in the second quarter, so we decided to bail.
#2. subway.
our newest addiction.
3 times in the last week & we've ordered the same thing. 
$5 footlong- honey oat bread. ham. cheese. tomatoes. lettuce. mayo & mustard. 
32 oz. rootbeer or doctor pepper. 
{you could never go wrong with a dp}
monterrey jack & sundried tomato flavored sun chips.
{+16 subway points}

what a great day.
-taryn & taylor

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