August 2, 2012


i've always loved the furry dogs.  the very first email address i ever had was (me and taylor shared it - shocking!) my dream dog has always been a husky and eight below is one of my favorite disney movies.

here are some pictures:


some products:

and a song:

after reading wolves, boys, and other things that might kill me i've become obsessed! it was hilarious. i honestly thought it was one of the funniest books i have ever read (but that could be because my life is beyond dull and boring right now). the dry and honest humor is what got me. i caught myself laughing out loud sooo many times! and the cover - OH THE COVER! that got me, too.

side note: this book kept me entertained during pieper's swimming lessons this week, along with the cute lifeguard who was teaching the younger class.. i couldn't help but to "need a drink of water" every 5 minutes to catch a glimpse). i thought about jumping in the deep end and forgetting how to swim. // 1 // because hottie would maybe give me some mouth-to-mouth action to bring me back to life and // 2 // i'd probably get put into the little kid swim class. i wouldn't complain.

and because i couldn't resist..... (even though i am NO jacob fan)

2 claps for the wolves!          // taryn


  1. I read that book earlier this year & I LOVED it!

  2. my two claps definitely go to the last picture. even though i hate kstew.
    ... and maybe i should read this book. i need a new one to read.


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